It is a combination of columns and Rows. Each column is a data item and each row is a record.


Creating a table

1.    After entering into OMW window click on 'ADD' button and select table option.

2.    Fill the fields like Object name, Description, Product code, System code and Column prefix. click ok button then table will be created.

Naming convention

It's naming convention is FXXXXYYY.

F is Table name

XX is System code

XX is Group type

YYY is Object version


Working with Table Design

· After adding a table to the project select the table and click on the design button and click design tool tab and select Table Design Aid.

· In TDA we have four windows like Column, Data Dictionary Browser, Indices and properties.

· We should search for the data items in the DDB and add it to Column.

· Add any one data item as primary key  in the indices window. Then close the TDA and generate Table, Indices.

Defining Indices

 We use indices to find specific records and to sort records faster. Each index is comprised of one or more keys which are individual data items.


Working with Tables

1.    Generating Tables: After you have selected data items and assigned indices for your tables, you are ready to configure the table for a specific data source. It creates physical that can be seen in UTB . 

· To generate table on the table design click the table operation tab, and then click generate table.

· On generate table, complete all the fields and then click OK.  

      2. Generating Indices: To generate indices on table design click the table operations and then click generate indices.

      3. Generating header file: On table design click the design tools tab and then click generate header file.

      4. Copying Table: On the table design click the table operations tab and then click copy table. Complete all the fields and click OK.

      5. Removing tables from database: On table design click table operation tab and then click remove table from database.